Rana Chakrabarti Startup by design

Introduction to Startup by Design by Rana Chakrabarti

If Lean startup works, why do 90% of startups fail? Startup By Design aims to support the Lean startup process by showing how to introduce and keep empathy in the loop. This is plain English version of the design process, designed for startups. Using examples from everyday life, Rana Chakrabarti will explain the 4 stages of design that go into designing your startup offering: 1. experience; 2. system; 3. form and experiments; and 4. why its a good idea to start with a moment in your customer’s life instead of a product or service idea.   Join the free of charge event at Seavus Incubator on Wednesday (7th of December) at 5 PM - 7 PM. ***

About Rana Chakrabarti, Startup By Design lecturer

Rana is an experience designer with former lives in business and information technology. He is a self-taught designer, which helps him stay current and keep learning. He enjoys designing experiences and interventions and teaching the design process

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