Pre-acceleration program 2.0

Open application process for the Pre-acceleration program 2.0

Seavus Incubator opens the application process for the second pre-acceleration program. Gain the knowledge and the tools needed to grow your successful startup and prepare your business pitch before you deal with investors!

About the program

The pre-acceleration program is an intense and structured program with goal to provide knowledge and business skills to the entrepreneurs and to make early-stage startups ready for product launch or funding. Our experienced mentors work regularly with the teams in order to guide them and help them to grow their business. They are experts in business model generation, product development, strategy, marketing, sales, finances etc. Each year, the program ends with Demo Day, where the startups get to pitch their ideas in front of investors.

We are looking for:

• Early stage tech startups (only registered companies) • Develop innovative software or hardware product/solution • Have bold vision and team of minimum 2-3 people • Dedicated to attend the entire program

Benefits for the

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Web Summit

Seavus Incubator at Web Summit

Last week, Seavus Incubator staff had a wonderful opportunity to attend the largest tech conference Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal, in order to share experience from our pre-acceleration program, partner with various organisations and learn more about the upcoming tech trends. The study visit was supported by Increasing Market Employability – IME programme of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, implemented by Swisscontact and PREDA Plus Foundation. During Web Summit there were various workshops and events organised for startup specialists, incubator and accelerator managers and other organisations’ representatives. Among other things, the focus of our study visit was to get insights into trends. Most of the startups on Web Summit are working on: AI, VR, IoT, SAAS, chatboots, digital marketing solutions, automotive, FinTech, education, travel, health apps and solutions, etc. Major trends that were noticed and which might make disruption in the following years are: 1. Artificial intelligence 2. Data security 3. Education 4. Fintech

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Demo Day, pre-acceleration program

Demo Day

The most important step in the entrepreneurship journey is when startups pitch their ideas and business in front of investors. For the first time in Macedonia, during Demo Day, 14 startups stood on stage, in order to get that initial investment. The startups were part of the first pre-acceleration program by Seavus Incubator. They went through the 8-week program consisting of 11 lectures, and hundreds of one-on-one mentoring with 15 experts. This public event was successful closure of the program. The Jury consisting of Kostandina Zafirovska, COO at Seavus, Toni Trpkovski, Division Manager at Seavus, and Alan Schaaf, founder and CEO at Imgur chose Gordian Systems as best one. Optimal Reinsurance Management came as second, and as third best startup.

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Alan Schaaf

The Talk with Alan Schaaf

On Wednesday, the amazing Alan Schaaf, founder and CEO of IMGUR, was our guest speaker at The Talk event, and had a speech in front of the startup community, entrepreneurs, coders and engineers, and many fans. He spoke with passion on his company and shared personal advice on being entrepreneur and running a business. More than 300 people who attended the event were amazed by his enthusiasm and his skyrocketing entrepreneurial path that made IMGUR one of the best image-sharing sites world-wide. Alan was also a mentor at the pre-acceleration program by Seavus Incubator, and together with Edi Demaj worked with the startups in the last week of the program.     The Talk event was supported by of our partners the Increasing Market Employability - IME programme of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, implemented by Swisscontact and PREDA Plus Foundation.

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Pitching sessions, Edi Demaj

Pitching sessions on the pre-acceleration program

The last week of the pre-acceleration program was dedicated on pitching sessions, in order to prepare the startups for meetings with investors and for the Demo Day. We had the honour to host Edi Demaj, serial entrepreneur, who worked with the startups.

About Edi Demaj

Edi Demaj is co-developer and partner in several online endeavours. He is co-founder of Rocket Fiber, a next generation fiber-optic internet network in Detroit. Until lately, he was employed at Bedrock Real Estate Services. There he was involved in the management, leasing and development of various projects in Detroit. During his time at Bedrock, he co-founded several startups. Most notable one is iziSurvey, a startup that provides online and offline tools to collect real time data for very low costs. He also co-founded Reozom, a residential real estate marketing platform that makes the buying and selling of

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Startup acceleration

Startup acceleration formula: learn, work, repeat

Going deeper into the pre-acceleration program (startup acceleration), we focused on inbound marketing and branding technics with Stefan Jordev from Seavus and the wonderful young minds behind Solveo. The program continued with sales and growth hacking with Corenting Cremet, startup enthusiast coming from London, to work with the teams, and Igor Popovski, General Manager for GE Light for CEE. Alessandra Silvestro, UX expert from Seavus, spoke with passion on “Designing for use”, while the teams learned why interfaces are so important. During the Finance module, Kristina Cvetanov, Seavus’ CFO, gave a lecture on the financial statements. The module continued with “Raising capital” with Ivana Stankovic, Investment Manager from South Central Ventures, and Darko Butina, Chief Investment Offices from Netcetera.   As an extra lecture which was requested by the teams, Gjorgji Rafajlovski, COO at SEEUTechPark, spoke on intellectual property. To find

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pre-acceleration program

Insight in the pre-acceleration program

The pre-acceleration program has started two weeks ago, and 15 teams are already on board. Sebastian Eitel from Leoni had the pleasure to open the program. He spoke about setting up the business milestone, but also about customers and markets, networking, teams, and much more. The same week, Blaze Arizanov from StayUncle, one of the fastest growing Indian startups, motivated the participants about entrepreneurship and creating movements. Native Macedonian and now living in New Delhi, Blaze spoke about the challenges his company faced in the traditional India. The second week, we had Tatjana Boshevska, CIO at Seavus, as mentor for strategy and business models. The teams had a chance to learn and think about their own mission, vision and strategy. Also they were able to work on their business model canvas. Many mentoring sessions were scheduled during the last two weeks, and the teams had a chance to speak with the mentor about their

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Pre-acceleration program: Mentors and modules

Meet the mentors, experts and entrepreneurs who will work with the startups on the pre-acceleration program.

Module: Setting up the milestones Mentor: Sebastian Etiel, Business Development Manager, Leoni

Sebastian_monoSebastian Etiel has more than three years of experience as Business Development Manager and has been part of the Key Account Management in the multinational corporation, LEONI AG, with HQ in Nuremberg, Germany. He is skillful in sales, customer relationship and business development, with strong understanding of the Asian market. Before starting his professional career, he gained theoretical and practical knowledge in marketing, sales and business development throughout studying and internships in Germany, Canada, Belgium and China. The passion for sales, he probably inherited from his father who still runs an independent and successful sales agency.

Entrepreneur on board: Blaze Arizanov, Co-founder and CMO at StayUncle

blaze-monoBlaze Arizanov is a

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