Building a successful startup eco-system

“Building a successful startup eco-system” presentation

For a relatively young country, Israel has managed to build a start-up community that has surpassed all expectations and benchmarks. The question that everybody is asking is how is it that Israel produces more start-up companies than large, peaceful nations, and more companies on NASDAQ than any country in the world? We will ask this question to our two esteemed keynote speakers, Hanan Brand and Michael Mizrahi, on the open event at the Seavus Incubator on 26th of April from 6PM. They will hold a "Building a successful startup eco-system" presentation followed by Q&A session. We will relieve in their eyes the startup miracle that Israel is becoming with a focus on the Jerusalem ecosystem, which they managed to build. Book your FREE SEAT now!   SPEAKERS: Hanan Brand-01 Hanan Brand co-founded Cornerstone Venture Partners (CSVP), a US/Israeli Venture Capital Firm, after spending four years as

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BizSpark program

Presentation: Microsoft BizSpark program for startups

Seavus Incubator and Microsoft Macedonia are introducing the BizSpark program that provides free Microsoft licenses for startups. If your startup is less than 5 years old, is privately held, and earns less than $1 million annually, you are qualified for BizSpark program. Join us on Wednesday (01.02.2017) from 17:30 - 19:00 at Seavus Incubator. Learn more on the Wednesday presentation at Seavus Incubator:

  1. BizSpark presentation – Microsoft4StartUp - benefits and good practice by Nina Sindija, Audience Evangelism Manager at Microsoft CEE Multi Country
  2. Azure presentation and demo by Daniel Danailov, Microsoft P-seller

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Rana Chakrabarti Startup by design

Introduction to Startup by Design by Rana Chakrabarti

If Lean startup works, why do 90% of startups fail? Startup By Design aims to support the Lean startup process by showing how to introduce and keep empathy in the loop. This is plain English version of the design process, designed for startups. Using examples from everyday life, Rana Chakrabarti will explain the 4 stages of design that go into designing your startup offering: 1. experience; 2. system; 3. form and experiments; and 4. why its a good idea to start with a moment in your customer’s life instead of a product or service idea.   Join the free of charge event at Seavus Incubator on Wednesday (7th of December) at 5 PM - 7 PM. ***

About Rana Chakrabarti, Startup By Design lecturer

Rana is an experience designer with former lives in business and information technology. He is a self-taught designer, which helps him stay current and keep learning. He enjoys designing experiences and interventions and teaching the design process

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Darlene Damm

The talk with Darlene Damm from Singularity University

This Thursday from 13:30 to 15:00 at Seavus Incubator, we are hosting Darlene Damm from Singularity University. She will talk about Exponential Technologies for Startups and she will be open to answer all questions. Darlene Damm is Principal Faculty for Global Grand Challenges with Singularity University where she works on how exponential technologies can solve the world’s most urgent social problems. Much of her recent work focuses on helping schools and companies understand the skills humans will need in a world of accelerating change, robotics, artificial intelligence and augmented and virtual reality. Darlene is also the founder of the space company DIYROCKETS, which crowd-sources and democratises the development of space technology. She was an early co-founder of Matternet, one of the world’s first commercial drone companies. This event is made possible by SECO Entrepreneurship Program, supported by the Swiss Government and implemented by Swisscontact. *The

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