Insight in the pre-acceleration program

The pre-acceleration program has started two weeks ago, and 15 teams are already on board.

Sebastian Eitel from Leoni had the pleasure to open the program. He spoke about setting up the business milestone, but also about customers and markets, networking, teams, and much more.

The same week, Blaze Arizanov from StayUncle, one of the fastest growing Indian startups, motivated the participants about entrepreneurship and creating movements. Native Macedonian and now living in New Delhi, Blaze spoke about the challenges his company faced in the traditional India.

The second week, we had Tatjana Boshevska, CIO at Seavus, as mentor for strategy and business models. The teams had a chance to learn and think about their own mission, vision and strategy. Also they were able to work on their business model canvas.

Many mentoring sessions were scheduled during the last two weeks, and the teams had a chance to speak with the mentor about their business, the challenges, markets, and products.

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